More thoughts on the John Green Syria video: 

Although it wasn’t the focal point of the video at all I am really afraid that people are going to ignore the secular parts of the video and focus on the religion of the leaders, turning this into “OH WELL YOU CAN’T TRUST MUSLIMS” and I’m really afraid to read the comments below the video or even comment at all. 

Is that a relevant fear? I mean, do I have a right to feel this way? Are my fears based on past experiences?



Know Your News! Understanding the Syrian Revolution in Under 4 Minutes

I’ve wanted to make a video about Syria for a long time, but Hank and I long ago agreed not to discuss news that the Internet is already doing a good job of discussing. But in the last couple weeks, when it became clear that neither the US nor Europe would intervene militarily in Syria, I felt like the story fell off the radar.

I wanted to provide some historical context so that people who don’t happen to know much about Syrian history can have a sense of who’s fighting and for what. The massive loss of life in Syria is a true tragedy, but if a freer and stable Syria doesn’t emerge, the tragedy will continue for decades.

As an Arab, this is such an important topic for me. Although I am Lebanese, I have been into Syria, spoken with Syrian people, saw the poorness, the pride, and the events happening there are, to me, slowly becoming another Palestine.

What do I mean? I mean that Palestine is all but disappearing, the Palestinian identity (although strong with people who consider themselves Palestinian) is not being seen as a true identity, and people are forgetting about their plight. Now instead of people talking in horror that one person had to die it becomes “oh, only 100?” 

I don’t want that to happen in Syria. I don’t want that to happen in any of the Arabic countries, or frankly any country that is fighting for it’s right to live and survive with out bloodshed, although it seems that few countries have been freed from tyranny with out blood being shed. 

Thank you for making this video. It’s informative and great.