Haram vs. Halal 

Yesterday, I decided to go look through the “haram” tag on tumblr; I’m not entirely sure what peaked my interest but it’s fairly interesting to see how people use the tag. I found a list of things considered Haram in Islam through a convert/revert who was confused and asked if this list was right or wrong.

I found a few problematic things with it. Here is a link to the list, for you to follow along.  More under the cut, because it is long.

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A post about feminism 

As a general disclaimer: this is a post about feminism, specifically my views about feminism and how I choose to interpret feminism as it applies to my everyday life/decisions/what have you. This is not the /right way/ to apply feminism or the /wrong way/. it is simply my way. Over the course of my tumblr I have reblogged many things, somethings I still agree with somethings my opinion has changed on. However, I will not go back and delete them 1) time and effort 2) they’re a part of my growing process and deleting that progress is like pretending that losers don’t exist. Alright, le-stuff under the cut.

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