Commonly mistaken to be a corn dog dipped in cheese sauce, Rima is in fact a girl who only wishes she was a corn dog dipped in cheese. Nefariously sneaking around,  a large, overt mustache as her only disguise, Rima is known for her terrible pick up lines, her inappropriate timing, and turning into a mooing duck when ever possible. [citation needed]


At first there was nothing, and then there was a sugar stick, and then, seen running from the distance, there was Rima. No one is sure where she came from, only that Rima grasped the internet with both hands and has refused to let go. At 20 years old, (or possible 1337 years old, no one is actually sure) she is relatively well known for her chastity belts, which have revolutionized the world, as well as introducing the fact that anything can be made in petite sizes. Currently, Rola is attempting to infiltrate and monopolize the chastity belt market.

The Dark History

It is said that anyone who sees Rola in her pajama bottoms will find themselves overcome with lust. You have been warned.