but like you said, it’ll probably change as i get older. less of a comparative thing, more about remembering personally significant years or events

Maybe! I was kind of reflecting on the fact that time and age really only matter to the person. I know people who count every year as something big because /they’re getting older/ and that freaks them out

but I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that I will one day die and I actually look forward to the way my body grows with me as I get older. it sounds weird. people don’t want their bodies to change, they want it to stay young and elastic (???) forever but I’m like “I want to see how you look in 20 years when you have 43 years on you and you’re still standing”. 

which is why I can go past a birthday and not particularly care that, say, it wasn’t celebrated, or forget for a minute that I’m still 22 or something? IDK does this make sense?

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i was reading katie’s post about age and I got to thinking how age was a marker for me as something important but in some ways I’ve felt I have moved past those “important markers” (i.e. first double digit, 10, 16, 18—legal adult, 20 (no longer in the teens), 21 (legal drinking age, even though I don’t drink)). 

Now that I’m going to be turning 23 this year, I feel like I no longer look forward to the YEARS that are coming up but instead the events that happen during the year I am that age is what is going to become my markers.

so I could go through like 10 years where nothing is significant but then something happens  when I’m 31 and suddenly 31 is as significant as 10, 16, 18, 20, 21 etc..) 

make sense?

I was looking through old cards and found this!


I can
you’re my favorite :*
the essay and the prompt under a cut

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okay here are my thoughts:

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted all of you to know that I am leaving the country today. I will be back in 47 days (August 14). I don’t have a queue (kinda), and I may check in occasionally but don’t expect me to be here every day like I am now :)

I love you all,


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to be honest I’m surprised you guys didn’t already follow each other. You’re into all the same stuff, I just assumed you’d found each other through me already I guess? Because you /should/ be following each other

Somehow I’m really surprised too? I’m glad the situation is rectified

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Can we thank Katie for excellent promos of people to follow, even if it slightly accidental because Elizabeth’s blog (thedoctorisjealous) is totally excellent. I only had to look at the first post to know to follow it.

nonsequiturtle said: I had a phase where I was really into him but once I stopped following a lot of Sherlock blogs I’m just…not anymore and I kind of agree with you omg

I CAN’T EVEN HELP IT I JUST. GOD. Everyone’s like “WHOOPS THERE GOES MY PANTIES” and all I can imagine is sid and that damn lisp and he doesn’t /do/ it for me and I have /no/ idea what everyone sees because I feel like we’re looking at a different person.

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Since we’re talking about HBP feels, I need to get this off my chest okay

that scene with the wands means more to me than the entire fucking series, I can’t even properly explain it

It’s like, there is Dumbledore, who everyone thought was immortal because of his innate goodness, ultimately destroyed by what they believe is Voldemort, who is thought to be immortal because of his innate evilness; no one knows that Dumbledore pretty much initiated his OWN death and died on his own terms, and above that, saved Draco from having to murder someone (which, as Slughorn says earlier in the book/movie is so innately INHUMAN it is the only way to make a horcrux), saved Snape’s position so that he could continue his work, and saved Harry from being captured pre-maturely.

That scene with the wands, where McGee and everyone around them raise their wands as Harry cries over the man who nurtured and cared for him, who loved him over 6 years, it’s like, even when they find out Dumbledore is not this immortal man they thought he was, they make  him immortal by destroying the very image that marks his death with absolute light. 

Even the scene that comes after, where Harry is in his office, it just shows that everything is just as Dumbledore left it. To me, more than anything, it just says that Dumbledore is never truly gone for anyone, and that is SO in part with this series, whose focal point is death and the messy, unsureness that comes with it. Dumbledore was a person who lived, breathed, made mistakes, loved and his death didn’t stop that. 

just to say! I uploaded a new f.a.q.! It’s in video format! please watch it

micci katie michaela that means you

also Katie I’m sorry for the clusterfuck of songs I just sent your way, I just kept thinking of things? Also I don’t know if they’d work for your Grad thing, bc I don’t know what sort of songs you wanted, so I just picked songs that kind of reminded me of when I graduated and the bundle of nerves that I was so

Like, what I actually expected was that Lizzie wouldn’t be so comfortable showing this stuff off. She would have been slightly more reserved as a person. Not to say there wouldn’t have been something cute, but I was actually kind of surprised because Lizzie had a habit of not posting things about herself, as much as she posted about everyone else (deflecting I think?)

If this was supposed to be character development (that she speaks about herself now?) I think it needed to be introduced more.

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see i dunno. to me it’s lizzy that was more awkward in the get-together videos. Particularly in this latest one, she seemed to alternate between vlogging-voice and being heart-eyed & syrupy and without a personality. Darcy didn’t bother me that much.

That actually bothered me too. It felt SO out of character for her. I love her happy… I don’t love her as a love-sick puppy. She just seemed too rational for that. Even with the video blog, she should have been more reserved I felt. 

But that post was really about Darcy overall as a character. 

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 nonsequiturtle asked: "27, 17, 13, 6, 5"

27: I don’t actually have a nickname! My name is Rima, which is super short and I refused to answer to ‘Mimi’ bc it sounded like a dogs name. In terms of ‘username’, herpriorities comes from the Harry Potter quote “she really needs to sort out her priorities”.

17. A picture of me and my Becca. She came to visit me in May 2011 and we took pictures to commemorate the visit :) We had met online back when I was 14, and then for whatever reason SUPER connected when I turned abouuuuut 19. It was spectacular and I wish everyday we could visit each other again! 

13. A teacher by the name of Mr. Riggs. When I was in 11th grade, he seemed like the most amazing teacher I had ever met in my entire life. He taught AP History. When I look back on it, he was scary as hell. He really influenced me (in some good ways, some bad ways) and it took a few years for me to undo the damage he did. For example, he used to regularly say the *N* word in class when we went over Civil War-era and would tell us that it /wasn’t/ racist bc he was just ‘pretending’ to be the slave owners. 

Another time, he looked me straight on and told me “I’m sorry, but if my daughter wore a scarf I would probably force her to take it right off”. So he pretty much was racist, misogynist and Islamophobic, which is great bc he taught in a school that was 98% Arab and a vast majority of those Arabs were Muslim.

6. My room is white with a green stripe! But this is only because I switched rooms with my brother. It used to be purple. 

5. I used to play the Violin and Viola. I really want to pick it back up again.

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(ah, but it isn’t Donna yet… just wait) (Also, I thought you’d watched Doctor Who already? hmm)(I bet you’ll love Martha though)

I have watched parts of it but this is the first time I’ve sat down and watched it all in order. I’ve watched The Army of Ghosts and Dooms Day about 100 times but I haven’t watched any other Rose episodes. 

I feel like I’ll love Martha as well! 

Also, I feel like I’m in the VAST minority here, I liked the episode Love and Monsters (Monsters and Love?) I think it’s because I have the stomach flu and it gave me a brilliant laugh. Just the scene with the Doctor and Rose and the alien, and the blue and red bucket. The scooby-doo esque chase scene. I mean the episode was sort of rubbish but it endeared me. 

REALLY enjoyed “Fear Her”. Chloe and the… thing inside of her.