six selfies that I like of myself! I was tagged by two people, but I only remember coo1dad right now :D

enjoy my beauty~

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We’re gonna do salat al mayyit for Brazil after the game

 Anonymous asked: "Does American Shiites and Sunnis gets along? Like hang out, and friends one another? I'm sorry for asking this question. Please disregard this if you feel offended. I am just curious since I am a Muslim but not an American."

Anon, I hope you are a Muslim and not some random dude claiming to be (you can’t tell with anon faces) anyway:

I want to say that they do? Where I live, even on my street, there is a very good mix of sunni and shiite. the MSA at a lot of colleges are a mix of the two? 

Could there be some bad blood sometimes? Yes. I’ve seen that happen as well, but I don’t think that informs about the entire opinion of just general interactions. 

And I’ll be honest I answered this but I don’t know if I’m the best person to answer this because in my day to day life I am not super into the dichotomy of who is shiite and who is sunni (meaning I don’t ask and no one tells so??)

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My ten year old cousin made her own bow and arrows (not pictured).

Do Muslim zombies ask for halal

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the angel of death wears a shroud of black—

no one has dared to call them oppressed


- (2014)

my favorite part of the new maleficent movie is all the hijabis showing off their fiercest make up skill bc


our time has come

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First selfie with the Binhan after 11 years of friendship.

First selfie with the Binhan after 11 years of friendship.

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Momma and me :3

Momma and me :3

I really want it to be the first of muharram and I want someone to say “Wow I can’t believe the earth is 1436 years old!” Someone remember this in a few months

"so can I see your hair?"