Not Your Tragic Queer Muslim Story 



[I]t did not occur to me that my Muslim-ness and my queerness were supposed to be at war with each other until I started performing these identities in semi-public ways. The exoticization, the Islamophobia, the disbelief at my existence – these are all manifestations of imagined narratives that are projected onto me and do not reflect an innate discordance of being. My queerness and my Muslim-ness do not need to be reconciled mostly because they cannot be disentangled from each other. I can’t remember ever not having been both.

My life.


I’m crying

I’m crying

i wish there was a club for muslims who don’t feel like good muslims but still do the best they could 

because thats where I feel like I am right now

If you see a Muslim wearing mail polish can you please not ask how they pray?

@imaan_ali #tedxumdearborn fantastic! #muslim

@imaan_ali #tedxumdearborn fantastic! #muslim

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Excuse me #umd? #wth is this #shit doing at the university bookstore where #muslim students go to school???

Excuse me #umd? #wth is this #shit doing at the university bookstore where #muslim students go to school???

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okay the gross thing about lady gaga’s newest bullshit

is that she is appropriating Hijabi/Burqa/Niqab wearing Muslim’s stories and experiences. (When she uses the word “I”). Then there is the whole idea of including the line about the burqa and the veil in a song that is about ‘auras’ and ‘mysteriousness’ and a lot of other bullshit… and all that does is perpetuate the fucking “mysterious Muslim woman-girl whose body is hidden and needs to be freed” stereotype of bullshit

those two things to me just… JUST UGH

9 y/o cousin: I don’t get why people ask me if I miss my hair when I’m wearing my hijab. my hair doesn’t go anywhere it’s still on my head!

My hijab is like schrodingers cat, because you don’t know if I have hair or not, so I have both hair and no hair at the same time.

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Richard Thompson accused Sayed Qazwini of “Taqiyya” when he explains that the Boston bombings have nothing to do with Islam

Molana Qazwini is such a boss. Damn.

can we talk about how Sayed Qazwini totally took Thompsons argument and used it against him and Thompson said “no that’s not fair you’re taking it out of context” and failed to recognize his own hypocrisy?

What about how fucking rude he was? Talking over the Sayed when the Sayed allowed him to speak with out interrupting him, ugh.


Thompson is a racist and a bigot, and a filthy hypocrite.

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My own take on this wonderful, wonderful meme.

I want to write a novel about a shape shifting Muslim girl.

and she becomes leader of her shape shifting people

and she’s a Muslim.

and she shape shifts.

fuck that would be awesome

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Oh god, this also reminds me 

I just told the story to Eli, but here is a better written version of it.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with being Christian or not, so if you are Christian and you lose your shit at this post, you are missing the point thank you.

Last year, a bunch of Christian fundamentalists came to Detroit to try and ‘save it’ by doing this weird prayer thing. They always bring them to U-of-M-Dearborn, because we have a large Arabic Population. We can’t go a single semester with out these guys standing outside, yelling about how we’re all going to hell, fire and brimstone, etc. etc. etc. 

They’re really obnoxious and it’s gotten to the point where the interfaith club at our school (which is a primarily Christian club) has been like “Ya’ll crazy”. Which was fantastic! 

Anyway, these people always approach me because I am 1) Muslim and 2) despite being 100% Arabic, my Green eyes scream WHITE PERSON to them so they approach me because I look friendly. Usually, I can derail the conversation (my personal favorite was stopping them from talking about religion and going into an in-depth conversation about all of the arabic sweet stores they needed to stop at before they went back to their home. Yeah, try hating Arabs when you’ve had a Shawarma sandwich. Or Manaeesh. Or Ba2lawa!) 

Sometimes I don’t get lucky.

This dude sits down, intrudes on my personal space (I was sitting alone reading a book—clearly a ‘don’t intrude). He introduces himself, and starts talking and after like ten minutes ‘notices’ he is all in my personal space. He goes “oh sorry, do you want me to leave?” and I just stared at him. He must have taken that as a ‘no go ahead and stay’ because he continued, talking about some miracle that saved his daughter and then asking me questions about my religion.

You better believe I prefaced this with “OKay, well I’m not a representation of all Arabs or all Muslims but I can answer some questions”, because the last thing I want is to say something wrong and for him to go back to his friend, etc. (even though he probably did that already). So we go back and forth, him clearly trying to get me to find a fault in my religion, and me letting him go on and on. 

By this point, I was legitimately sweating because I was really nervous with him around and aggravated. He sat there in total for an hour and by the time I got up, the underside of my knees and my armpits were soaked because I was weirded out.

He leaves and I get up to go to class, and as I’m walking out the door, some guy hands me a CD. I tell him I don’t want it. I don’t throw away things with the names of Prophets on them, regardless because of respect reasons and to top it off, the CD was in Arabic and I clearly saw the name of God on it. I refused again and tried to hand it back and he refused to take it, getting really aggressive with me about wanting it (at one point he pushed it back into my hands and actually pushed me back). I

At that point I lost my temper, already frazzled because someone ruined my lunch break, and I threw the CD back at him. He seemed really surprised that I wasn’t being meek or some shit because he finally got the message. I stalked past him and past the douche outside screaming at me that I was going to hell and went to class.

This ^ is in complete opposition to my experience with other Christians (my best friend is a Christian and you best believe she’s never tried to sit me down and systematically explain why everything I believe is wrong). 

So, missionary Christians please stop being missionaries, if people want to join your religion, your religion should speak for itself, you should not have to shove yourself in my personal space and expect me to be okay.

 iconapope asked: "lady gaga can write a song about whatever she wants to. why cant she write a song about a burqua? its no different than writing a song about anything. if people who wear burquas want to be treated equally, they can have songs written about them. freedom of speech."

lol no. You don’t understand, greekbritneyspears. The burqa has a special place in Islamic culture. Lady Gaga writing a song about the burqa (and it’s probably not about the burqa it’s probably about WHITE WOMAN I SAVE OPPRESSED BROWN WOMENS) is like if I wanted to write a song about, say, greek people fucking sheep. 

it’s rude, offensive and disrespectful to people who DO wear it. It has nothing to do with “freedom of speech” or being “treated equally”, it has to do with treating people like fucking people and not like treated like a scapegoat bc LOOK HOW OPPRESSED THOSE WOMEN ARE.