they say there are people in this world who hate Arthur Pendragon but I don’t believe it

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the rule of merlin is the happier the main characters are in the opening shot the more soul breaking the episode is going to be

I was rewatching the first episode of Merlin, and I realized that Morgana had problems with Uther’s treatment of those with magic from the VERY BEGINNING. Suddenly her shift (once she found out she WAS magic) makes SO much sense it’s unbelievable. I must have just forgotten it!

now that it’s been a year can I talk about how mad I am that we didn’t get to see Merlin and Arthur working together during the ‘golden age of avalon’ when magic WASN’T PERSECUTED

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Merlin AU where they are the boxcar children

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Can I please get a merlin ouat cross over ASAP pls

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Of you think gryffindors and slytherins can’t get along then how come Merlin and arthur were best friends?

♫ the stars will sing of it ♪: magic-in-us: What is this Merlin2return campaign?It disturbs me that... 


What is this Merlin2return campaign?

It disturbs me that someone is pushing for the show to return using past cast interviews taken out of context or while the actors were under the contract (and might still be) obligations to say certain things. By doing this we are hurting…

Are there actually people who do this shit? Are you guys seriously? The actors did an amazing job, but they’ve moved on. They’re branching out, doing different things and even if we did not like the ending, we fucking GOT an ending. For fucks sakes.

also that bit about homosexuality as gross and I cannot support a movement that thinks young viewers can’t know or hear about homosexuality (mind you, I wouldn’t support it anyway). GOD GUYS YOU GOT YOUR THING OKAY, I KNOW YOU LOVE THE SHOW BUT THINGS END. OKAY





Friendly reminder that Gwaine died thinking he failed Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, Camelot and Percival<3


Last of the remnants from AN. There’s extras of this print as well, so I’m looking into ways to sell these online. If anyone knows of a good, reliable site to do so, send a message my way, please!


Last of the remnants from AN. There’s extras of this print as well, so I’m looking into ways to sell these online. If anyone knows of a good, reliable site to do so, send a message my way, please!

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sometimes I’m okay

then I remember the merlin finale and 

I’m just not okay

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On the magic reveal and bad writing~ 


As much as I like to pretend that I don’t read fanfiction, I think the cat is well and truly out of the bag by now. So! Here are some of my (extremely long-winded) thoughts on magic reveal fics (mostly bitching at the official Merlin writers, unfortunately). Illustrated by slightly random gifs for the purpose of breaking up the WALL OF TEXT. Also, spoilers ahoy! LOTS OF SPOILERS. Spoilers for the WHOLE DAMN SHOW.

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I agree with a lot of this. The ending was rushed as hell, I hated that episode where Merlin was like “MAGIC IS BAD”. Albion wasn’t united under magic—even though they’ve been promising it for 5 seasons. I won’t mention the disgrace of what they did to Mordred—I mean the whole ‘he betrayed him for a girl’ is kiiiiiind of… dumb. There, I said it. SO DUMB. SO SO DUMB.

To me, if it was supposed to end at 5 seasons, they should have had the magic reveal at the end of Season 4. The ending would have been just as heartbreaking without the magic reveal being there (hello, Arthur died).

Plus yeah, what the fuck happened to Morgana? 

my thoughts on Merlin and the ending. 


some comments and reviews i read, stated that they’re left unsatisfied because there’s no battle between merlin/emrys and morgana. and how the last battle “wasn’t epic at all”.

but what if,

Merlin wasn’t a story about magic, Merlin wasn’t about war and revenge, Merlin wasn’t about camelot and albion.

what if, Merlin is simply a love story between merlin and arthur. more like, merlin’s devotion and love to arthur. and how he fight to keep him alive and safe for so many years.

it’s not about the greatest sorcerer in the world, it’s simply about a boy with so much power, who sacrificed everything, even his own life, for arthur.

he can choose to be bad like morgana, he can brag to the world about his true power and recieve the credit he deserve. but he choose to serve arthur and stay by his side.

and in the end of the series, there’s no epic battle, there’s no victory, only merlin and arthur. and how they finally realize how much the love and need each other. and in his last moment, arthur finally admit that not all sorcerers are bad, including merlin, and that merlin brought peace to camelot.

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Title: For Your Information
Author: reni_days
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur (AU, Modern Age)
SummaryMerlin sighs. “After your…announcement,” he explains, “your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I’m sort of like his gay tutor, it’s hard to explain.”
My Thoughts: Oh my goodness. I laughed SEVERAL times reading this one! It was funny, and perfect and it had Understanding!Uther, who still manages to be a complete asshole. It showed a nice relationship between Uther and Merlin :) A+!