imagine education reform at hogwarts tho. education is always changing, different forms of teaching become popular, different subjects become ‘more important’, parents (as we’ve seen) can have very important pull at the school. Dumbledore was going to retire Divination from the line up. What would happen if charms and transfiguration were pushed to become one super class?

Muggleborn students setting up protests at Hogwarts to make Muggle Studies a mandatory class. Muggleborn students outraged that after everything the wizarding world went through with Voldemort there are still people that think Muggle Studies is a soft option.

Headcanon: every year, there is a day where muggle parents and siblings of students are invited to come to Hogwarts and it’s a huge event where students get to show off their magic, but most importantly purebloods spend the day one upping each other trying to get the support and approval of the muggle parents

Meanwhile, muggle siblings try and show off their technology and muggle stuff to the purebloods and see which ridiculous thing they can impress them with the most.

doing my homework to the harry potter soundtracks makes me feel like I’m at hogwarts doing homework

"Harry was actually supposed to go to Pigfarts," JK Rowling reveals in a new interview. "It was simple wish-fulfillment that had him going to Hogwarts"

maraduers au in which james is hungry and Lily is a sandwich

 modernglitterature asked: "Everything with a 2 or 3! (have fun)"

Thank you Sydney!!!

2. If the sorting hat was on you and it said you’d be great in a house you didn’t consider before, will you follow his advice or choose what house you want?

Probably not. I’m very comfortable with my house (Gryffindor) and I know my fullest potential there.

3. What kind of animal would you bring to school?

Definitely an owl. I don’t like toads and although I love cats I’m not really sure I can take care of a cat

12. How about when going home for holidays, what will you bring home?

My trunk will be full of candies from Honeydukes and jokes from Zonkos (or WWW, since  by then I’m sure they’d have bought out Zonkos). I’ll also bring my owl, my over-break homework. Altho it’s not the actual question, I would also bring back muggle clothes with me (more of them, at any rate).

13. Would you consider studying in another wizarding school?

I live in the United States, so presumably I’d study at Salem Institute for Witches. I’m open to other schools, definitely, but I would love just a year at Hogwarts.

20. Will you be supportive of your house’s quidditch team?

Yes! And If I have it my way, I’d join the team too! Go Gryffindor!

21. Will you read Hogwarts: A History?

I want to say yes, only bc I’m muggleborn and I’d be fascinated by it.

22. Do you think you’ll get a lot of letters from home? How frequent do you think you’ll get them?

Probably. My mom would want to know how everything is going, tho I’m sure she’ll be all “I wish I could just call you!”

23. Will you subscribe to the daily prophet or the quibbler or other wizarding world media?

I want to say yes. I would also try to listen to the radio. Hopefully, the Prophet is a little bit reformed by the time I get to read it.

24. Which part of the castle will be your favorite?

I think the Library, the common room and what I can only assume will be my favorite class, the Transfiguration classroom. 

25. When sleeping in your dormitory, will your four-poster bed’s curtains be drawn or closed?

Drawn, unless I want to have a nice cry. Then closed.

26. If the team your house played against wins, do you think you’ll be bitter towards the other team after the game?

I’ll definitely be disappointed that the other team won, but unless they won by cheating then I probably wouldn’t be *too* bitter (unless it’s the finals! Then I would be EXTREMELY bitter)

27. Do you think you’ll be a fan of wizard music?

Most def! But I think it would be more fun to introduce purebloods to muggle music

28. Will you be curious enough to try and explore the whole castle, even if you know you can get in trouble for visiting some parts of it?

Probably everything but the Forbidden forest. I’m not crazy enough for that.

29. How frequent will your visits to the library be?

Very! The library is my favorite place and as a muggle, there is SO much to learn and to read! Even if Madame Pince is scary :/

30. If someone was to form an organization similar to dumbledore’s army, will you join?

If you asked me this last year, I would have said no, but I would say yes right now, since I’m becoming more comfortable with taking action.

31. If you were to get detention, what task would you prefer? Would you want to scrub cauldrons or clean trophies or sort through unlabeled books or…?

Sort through unlabeled books would be best, but I think cleaning trophies would help pass the time much quicker?

32. On your o.w.l.s, what subject/s will you get an O in? Which ones do you think you’ll get a T on?

O’s: Transfiguration, Charms, 
A’s: Potions, Ancient Runes
D’S + T’s: Astronomy

33. How about in your n.e.w.t.s?

O’S: Transfiguration (Alchemy, perhaps?)
E’s: DADA, Charms

34. If you were a pure-blood, would you take interest in reading muggle literature?

Probably not, unless someone really recommended something to me.

35. At what time do you think you’ll go to bed on weekdays?

Depending on the year, I would say around Midnight. Which is being kind.

36. Would you prefer firewhiskey over butterbeer?

No! I am a Muslim witch, so (virgin?) butterbeer’s all the way :)

37. What wizard snack would be your favorite? Or which one would you like to try?

I want to try Droobles gum, and licorice wands.

38. Will you collect chocolate frog cards?

Maybe unofficially. 

39. Will you keep track of which flavor of beans you already tried?

No, I want to be punished every time I take a bite! But I’m sure it’ll come up in conversation at some 

42. What will your boggart be?

Either a flying bug or my mother dead.

43. Will you stay in the hog’s head or the three broomsticks?

The Three Broomsticks! I think it’s a little more *family friendly*


huge male beater on a hogwarts quidditch team with a tiny female beater partner who knocks out so many players she has a trophy in the trophy room. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

#hogwarts new favorite #socks

#hogwarts new favorite #socks

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Got my wand, packed my trunk, made sure my owl is in her cage and good amount of snacks. Did my summer homework. Ready for the train.

Hogwarts, here I come.

Revising essays while listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks= I am a Hogwarts Professor.

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Pottermore is opening in April 2012. They have new features like sound (!!!) and other stuff that I am le excited for! 

I was a beta tester of course, but now this means that CoS will be out soon >D


It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects

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It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects

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Together Till The End by HeyHiHello

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Together Till The End by HeyHiHello

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