doing my homework to the harry potter soundtracks makes me feel like I’m at hogwarts doing homework




Each house helping their disabled/mentally ill/neurodiverse housemates in their own special ways~!

  • Gryffindors forming a group of volunteer students to walk students with PTSD to classes or through the castle at night, so they can always be in the presence of people they trust.
  • Gryffindors hexing bullies who mock D/deaf students’ signed spells.
  • Gryffindors petitioning to change old fashioned rules about taking OWLs and NEWTs that put ADHD students at an unfair disadvantage.
  • Gryffindors who know that bravery comes in many forms, who are openly and unabashedly impressed when their depressed housemates summon the strength to get out of bed on bad days, and will punch anyone who thinks having a panic attack is indicative of cowardice.
  • Gryffindors insisting that The Fat Lady give out signed passwords that D/deaf, mute, and nonverbal students can use, in addition to spoken passwords.
  • Ravenclaws staying on top of all the newest advances in sensory spells and calming potions so if one of their autistic housemates has a meltdown they can be sure to help them in the best way possible.
  • Ravenclaws helping learning disabled students come up with mnemonics to better remember information.
  • Ravenclaws having a bookcase full of writing about famous disabled, mentally ill, and neurodiverse wixen, so they can give students the representation they don’t find in traditional history of magic courses.
  • Ravenclaws getting really excited and enthusiastic when an autistic student infodumps on them, because knowledge.
  • Ravenclaws being fascinated by the diverse ways students take in, process, and deliver information, and being deeply and personally offended by the idea that there is any “wrong way” to learn.
  • Hufflepuffs always having a supply of treats and blankets when their depressed classmates feel overwhelmed, making sure they know their offer to form a cuddle pile is always open.
  • Hufflepuffs spending their breaks sewing weights into quilts and robes for autistic wixen.
  • Hufflepuffs understanding that “just and fair” doesn’t mean “treat everyone exactly the same no matter what” but “understand each individual’s needs, abilities and privileges, and make sure they have the resources they need to do their best”.
  • Hufflepuffs who are amazing, patient listeners, and always down for a feelings jam, venting, infodumping, or all of that at once.
  • Hufflepuffs who spend all of their free time learning how to sign so they can be better friends with their D/deaf housemates.
  • Slytherins teaching autistic students to read subtle body language cues and project confidence.
  • Slytherins helping to tailor dress robes of a wheelchair user so they look stunning but don’t get their skirts caught up in their wheels.
  • Slytherins who come from rich families “forgetting” galleons in the rooms of friends who don’t have enough money to pay for the latest magic mobility devices.
  • Slytherins letting the Bloody Baron know to make himself scarce when students who are triggered by the sight of blood are nearby.
  • Slytherins making up nonverbal codes so that students can alert their housemates if they’re about to have a panic attack or breakdown and still look totally aloof and collected.

Hogwarts students of all houses coming together due to shared neurology and ability, forming mixed house cliques and not giving a crap~!

Also Ravenclaws (and inventive students and tinkerers of all Houses) inventing assistive technology for disabled students like…

  • Spells that identify (through whispering, little letters in the air, or whatever else the person finds convenient) other people for faceblind wixen.
  • A cross between a wheelchair and a broom, that can be used to get around Hogwarts despite the staircases.
  • Better white canes, that give auditory cues to identify objects in the environment.
  • AAC technology that links up directly to the thoughts of the user, rather than requiring typing.
  • Lots of other assistive technology, some of which could only ever work through magic, some of which takes Muggle assistive tech and modifies it.

*hops on this train*

  • The Castle Itself not fucking with the stairs when students who can’t handle the sudden changes are on them
  • Doors widen themselves to accommodate wheelchairs without needing to be asked
  • Quick Quotes Quills (in a less jerkish manner of Rita Skeeters) being made available to students with hearing or attention based disabilities

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Also the information if who won in the quidditch World Cup from 1990-2014 is extremely helpful for fan fiction so 4 for you pottermore.

The fact that Moldova consistently produced amazing teams…

That Nigeria and Norway are the big teams for 2014…

That Egypts teams seeker is a girl :)(name: rawya zaghloul)

I was reading pottermore today about quidditch and saw a thing that said: “…given the existence of violent pure-blood tendency in the United Kingdom”

Which only leads me to believe that this was an inherent problem in the Uk, not especially else where? Which, taking the uk and colonialism into consideration makes this SERIOUSLY interesting

hp headcanons 




I suspect that Jo Rowling probably imagined James and Harry as white too, i don’t mind that, that’s her business.

Personally I’m mentally acting against the white-as-default-unless-otherwise-specified that’s pervasive in imagining media especially in predominately white fandom culture.

I’ve generally operated on a POC-unless-otherwise-noted basis with how I imagine characters. My HP headcanons aren’t What If Everybody In Harry Potter Was Black Instead Of White. They only read that way if you’re still stuck in the white-as-default zone.

James’ skin color, hair texture, etc to my knowledge has never been specified and that means to me that even a reader who strictly contains themselves within the bounds of canon is free to imagine him as any number of ethnicities.

In absence of a specified race I chose to imagine the one that makes the story most compelling to me.

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The James as black headcannon not only works, it adds a whole different depth to the story. First off, Veron’s intenser hatred for James than Lily, The whole Pure-Race dogma of the death eaters, the fact that James, though pureblood, didn’t seem to have any Death Eater family members like Sirius did. 

Then Harry as mixed, the teasing he got as school, the fact that he was never mistaken for an actual relative of the Dursley’s in public. His black uncontrollable hair that his white family had NO IDEA how to deal with. His eyes were always considered striking though it’s not an unusual color for whites. 

Screw it, headcannon accepted. 


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The last time Voldemort had power he almost destroyed everything we hold most dear…

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I feel like avps Lucius malfoy was really just the inner dialogue of hp!lucius malfoy



But really can you imagine how much fun Harry would have had with an animagus as a father? James giving little five year old Harry stag-rides on his back prancing along in the backyard, James going to “mow the lawn” and then Harry looks out his window and dies of laughter when he sees a stag just casually grazing the grass, Harry yelling “DAD!” when he sees an antler poking out of a bush as he tries to have a moment with Ginny.

And idk I feel like James would turn every now and then just to clear his head if he’s feeling overwhelmed and one night Harry can’t sleep because of similar reasons and he goes to the backyard and sees a stag sitting on the grass and he doesn’t say anything but Harry goes over sits down next to James and just stays there because it’s so easy and so natural and not weird at all.

idk ignore me and my odd headcanons


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I don’t even care what jk rowling said I’m just excited because the fandom is alive again, there are new posts about harry potter the harry potter tag is active

maraduers au in which james is hungry and Lily is a sandwich

I don’t think you understand because we get the books from Harry’s point of view, we don’t get much of Lily and James Potter besides them being dead, but you have to remember that someone had to get their bodies out of the rubble. Someone had to bury them while Harry Potter, in Privet Drive, had no idea what was happening.

okay but we know that in harry potter, they have spaces that are bigger on the inside (think about the Weasley tent). And obviously, the Tardis is “bigger on the inside”.

so whose to say that these two worlds do not exist together?

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Sexuality: Ron Weasley pretending to be lion

when you think about it Kingsley Shacklebolt is a great choice for Minster of Magic because he was 1) in the order 2) an auror but 3) he worked with the muggle Prime Minister, meaning that he has an inside look into muggle politics and what is happening in the muggle world and what is important in the muggle world AS WELL AS being a trusted face to the muggle prime minister (since presumably he would continue to protect the prime minister until he was forced to go into hiding).

so Kingsley Shacklebolt for Prime Minister ‘98 all the way