imagine education reform at hogwarts tho. education is always changing, different forms of teaching become popular, different subjects become ‘more important’, parents (as we’ve seen) can have very important pull at the school. Dumbledore was going to retire Divination from the line up. What would happen if charms and transfiguration were pushed to become one super class?

can I see some mean Hufflepuff headcanons? Can I have a negative Hufflepuff headcanon? I want something negative about hufflepuffs

birthday potter headcanon: out of all the cakes, out of all the presents, it is a small, smushed birthday pink cake with “Happee Birthday Harry” written on it in green icing that Harry Potter loved the best.

I didn’t give a shit about Dobby dying when I read it in the books but when I watched it in the movies I cried like a little bitch wtf dobby you’re a bat with tennis ball eyes.

Muggleborn students setting up protests at Hogwarts to make Muggle Studies a mandatory class. Muggleborn students outraged that after everything the wizarding world went through with Voldemort there are still people that think Muggle Studies is a soft option.

I created a link on my page for all of my harry potter meta and harry potter headcanon. I have quite a few popular posts there so I figured if someone wanted to see more I would put them there. Enjoy.

The “point-me” spell Harry uses in GoF was created by a Muslim witch sick of wondering which direction the Kabaa was.

we all agree that mcgonagall lives forever and ever and never dies okay great

The day spice girls debuted “wannabe” AND a new harry potter story? Concidence? I THINK NOT

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what I love about that article on pottermore is that Rita Skeeters is still fucking VICIOUS THANK YOU JK ROWLING.

 Anonymous asked: "ok to be honest i am literally so confused when people start talking about how horrible dumbledore is. like, he def had his flaws and he fucked up a lot of stuff along the way, but he definitely didn't just see every single person in his life as players on his personal chess board? Like he spent decades advocating for the protection of muggles and for muggleborn equality. he spent the rest of his life keeping himself away from serious positions of power because he knew his weaknesses and"

he knew his weaknesses and limitations and wanted to make sure he didn’t use his power and knowledge to inflict pain or suffering. was he at many times a manipulative person? absolutely, but i don’t think that has to define him, he’s more complex than that. he was trying to save the magical world from falling under voldemort’s tyranny, and yea, sometimes that means you have to make sacrifices and choices you’d rather not make. i’m just saying it’s complicated, but i don’t believe for a single

believe for a single second that dumbledore wasn’t ultimately a good person. he spent most of his life advocating for the protection of magical people and beings, took the time to learn and understand other magical cultures and languages. kept an open mind whenever he could. made people feel like remus lupin feel like they were deserving of dignity and respect. and yea he was also fucked up, he was calculating and sometimes he made choices for other people that weren’t his to make, like by

weren’t his to make, like by lying to harry about the hallows and keeping vital information a secret because he was afraid harry would fail to give up his own life. he shouldn’t have done that, essentially he took away harry’s decision about ending his own life. but he, along with harry, ended up finally defeating voldemort. like why can’t you make fucked up choices and still not be a hero? or a good person? people are more complex than that i think sometimes people forget that.

sorry if that was long and dumb i just have a lot of feelings about dumbledore’s characterization and i hate when people try to make it seem so simple.

Hello anon! Okay so first and foremost I need to say this: when you criticize a character for the choices they make, it does not mean that you are saying they are not a hero. To be frank, Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters, but just because he is does not mean that I am not blind to some of the choices he made.

Dumbledore, as the leader of the resistance against Voldemort, had a lot on his plate. I can definitely agree with that. And the problem with war is, as cliche as it is, is that nothing is easy. Sacrifices will be made and people will be hurt because when you are in a position that is trying to get rid of one force (that is, as we can say fully, evil) then sometimes those decisions which are best over all will hurt the individuals. While we can admit that Dumbledore had to think a certain way to proceed, it is also important that we acknowledge who was hurt by those decisions. It’s simply not fair to pretend that no one got hurt

Dumbledore is almost a former blood-purist. He, much like many actual-real life people who actively try and reform their former racist ways OF COURSE will advocate and become a good ally for the minority… in this case, muggleborns and halfbloods and muggles (although muggles mostly without their knowledge… since they don’t know about the wizarding world). 

Also please note that Dumbledore did not actually keep himself from positions of power. As I said before, he was the leader of the OotP AND he was headmaster at Hogwarts. That latter is incredibly powerful. What is probably more accurate is that Dumbledore stopped himself short of being put into positions of power in which he thought (probably rightfully) that it would go to his head. Dumbledore is right when he says he is brilliant and can make good conjunctures and hypotheses and he is also very charismatic.

But for his brilliance it’s very interesting that he did not think that being the Headmaster at Hogwarts was “too powerful”, as I think being the person students look up to the most especially in what appears to be the one time of their lives they are actively learning magic in a school environment, WITHIN the ages in which kids are absorbing the most  is sort of kind of incredibly powerful.

The thing about the HP books is that they are full of foils—that is, parallels. I think Harry is a direct parallel of almost all of the major characters in the book; Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Draco, Snape, even to some extent Sirius and Remus, among all the others that I didn’t mention. In this way, I think Dumbledore is paralleled nicely with Voldemort. Dumbledore is obviously on the side of the good, but Voldemort and Dumbledore are still both calculating, they still have an agenda, the main difference being of course that Voldemort is a genocidal maniac blood purist racist manic and arguably, Dumbledore at this point in his life is absolutely not. 

With this in mind—is Dumbledore of the “good guys”? Yes. He is considered a hero? Absolutely. Does that mean that when people criticize aspects of him they are calling him two dimensional or simplifying his character? Absolutely not. I think understanding the complexity of the man and realizing that he is a flawed hero, as is Harry as are all of the characters in the series makes for a more compelling characterization.

Final thing to say: One of the big things in book seven that I feel people miss is that Harry learns that his mentor was basically not as perfect as he liked to think. He learned a lot of the messy detail and a lot of the terrible things that actually took place in Dumbledore’s childhood and young adulthood. In the end, Harry acknowledged these things but chose to forgive Dumbledore. I say that with Harry’s argument with Aberforth in DH in mind.

Types of Brooms according to Pottermore (region and team):

South America

Varápidos (used by Brazil)

North America:

Starsweeper XXI (used by USA)

East Asia:

Yajirushi (used by Japan)

Eastern Europe:

Firebolt Supreme (used by Bulgaria)

Using accio to summon the D

Voldemort finding out one of his death eaters uses “u-kno-poo” and it’s exactly the scene from Hercules where hades finds out his minions have Hercules merchandise.

so like, was regulus black a fucking teenager when he stole the locket from voldemort like holy shit