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a lot of people think that feminism is “teaching girls to be wary of men” but my grandma was born in 1940 in Lebanon in a small village in the fucking mountains and all she tells me is “never let a man have power over you, never let him know any of your weaknesses because he will use them against you the first chance he gets”

 Anonymous asked: "Well now I'm curious. I looked up all of the books that you recommended and there's only one by a male writer. You know men write YA too, right? It's not just stories about vapid teen girls. There are real stories in there. Might I recommend you branch out to include more stories that aren't just about teen girls? Neil Gaiman, David Levithan, Jay Asher just to name a few."




 There are real stories in there

are you trying to tell me, a woman, that a story about a “vapid” teen girl isn’t a real story? dude are you lost on the way to /r/theredpill or something?

i’m not at all interested in the authors mentioned, or their books. they do nothing for me. if you want to recommend books to people, go ahead and do it, but i’m not going to do it for you. and for real, neil gaiman? do you even go here? 

ok which one of you is trolling me tho

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

Wow, every time I publish a YA novel, I hope there are at least 10 male YA writers out there to make up for my stories about vapid teenage girls.  WAIT.  What am I even saying.  My books aren’t even REAL!  They don’t even exist.  Thank goodness for that because they’re about girls.

This is why the ongoing conversation about how undermined and discredited female YA writers are for their work is so important.  Whether or not this ask is serious—I hope it’s not, but ha ha as a YA author I’ve seen exactly this sentiment when it is—it’s super indicative of a very real and pervasive and damaging attitude that NEEDS CHANGING.  (Or wait, does it?  It’s just hurting girls, after all!  Those vapid, vapid girls.)  Also a perfect example of how any story that has value to a girl is completely devalued BECAUSE it has value to a girl.

I mean, seriously, how can you write someone an ask like that with any kind of sincerity and not see how messed up the overall sentiment driving it is?

[tiny strangled scream]

listen okay LISTEN

you want to critique feminism and other so-called ‘social justice’ causes? FINE. You are with in your right to do so because these institutions are NOT perfect and often times people fuck up (especially in the case of not being inter-sectional).

but if I go on your blog and see slurs left and right then you’ve lost all credibility to criticizing anything.

I was thinking about how white feminism doesn’t do it for me. White feminism is all about dismantling, taking things down, erasing. I don’t want to erase: I love my culture, I love my people. I just want to expand the limiting parts, not reject it outright.

Yooooooo it’s not about proper vs improper grammar it’s about people derailing conversations instead of discussing the perpetual problem (racism, sexism, etc)


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a lot of people talk about sexism and misogyny as being these fake concepts that occur in the minds of the bored or whiny or w/e which is totally false and let me prove to you why

my cousin is 9 years old, going on ten. she is an amazing creator and can look at anything you can imagine and just create shit out of it (she made a kite out of string guys a KITE).

the other day, she was like “you know what’s unfair? Boys gets all these different colors, all of these really cool colors, but girls only get to choose between pink and purple. Why is that?”

I answered “Because people think those colors should only be for girls and not boys” (simplifying it)

and this awesome 9 year old girlie looks at me and says “it shouldn’t be that way. Everyone should get to choose the colors they want to wear and pick. My mom always gets mad when I want to wear green or blue instead of pink, but it’s what I want. Boys should be allowed to wear pink too”

and that was that. THAT WAS FUCKING THAT.

You’re Not Cute. Have More Orgasms. “The 10 Things Women Need to Realize In 2013.” (Written by a Man.) 


So I recently came across this website, Elite Daily. It calls itself “The Voice of Generation-Y.”


The link I stumbled on was to an article titled “The 10 Things Women Need to Realize in 2013.” OK. Let’s check this out…


OH, BOY. What the fuck is this? The first photo attached to the article should have tipped me off, but I was too focused on the name of the author…


That’s right. EDDIE CUFFIN. A dude is about to lecture women on what they should “realize” in 2013. But, not just any dude. It’s says right there in his bio: “THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE OFFICE.”

Let’s take a look at a few of these “things”…


“Ladies, realize that in 2013, you are not cute.” 


“Back to to the kitchen women and make me a sandwich.”


Well, shit. Thank you GUY for explaining this stuff to women! I mean, one of the points in this article was about getting men to “eat out your ‘box.’”  And all that along with the objectifying pics? What would a girl living in the 1950s…err…2013 do without this article?!

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin has got more for all of you seeking his advice. Gems such as…


“The 21 Signs She’s Expired.”


That’s right, girls. If you are over the age of 19 and 1/2, hang up the boots and please deposit yourself in the closest trash bin. 


Misogynistic, transphobic AND he hates Mila Kunis! Eddie Cuffin is a catch!


What a gentleman.

But, don’t worry! Eddie Cuffin won’t leave you hanging now that you know your girlfriend is “expired” like the cold cuts sitting in the back of your fridge…


Eddie Cuffin’s gonna let you know how to cheat on her with “15 Steps to Successfully Cheat on Your Girlfriend!” Eddie says women are like chicken (expired chicken?) and stale bread!  The man who wants to empower women in 2013 with cooking lessons and orgasms would also like them to know that their value depreciates over time (because women are nothing but a commodity, duh!). GIRLS, “you’re getting older and not getting any tighter” and by not stopping time you “compel” men to cheat! IT’S YOUR FAULT, LADIES…


“15 Easy Steps to Managing Your Mistress.” Fellas! Your pal Eddie’s got you covered here too! Because it’s 2013 (Eddie’s got a real infatuation for 2013) and as it says right there above…It’s that time in your life, and not just yours, everyman’s life where he ”GROW A SACK AND GET A MISTRESS.”


“Women lie a lot.” You hear that men? Women are EVIL LIARS. Why can’t they just be truthful while you lie and cheat on them?! GIRLS ARE THE WORST.

But, what if  you fell for the evil voodoo women and she went ahead on her very own and decided to get pregnant (THE NERVE)? Don’t worry, Eddie Cuffin’s got you covered here too!


“Many poor men.” If only they had Eddie Cuffin’s brilliant mind and knew the “20 East Steps to Raising a Whore” so they could do the exact opposite!

Steps like…



Letting her get involved in fun activities like cheerleading and gymnastics! Only WHORES play sports!


Telling her she can’t date a black man! Because we all know women will go out and do the exact opposite! AND ONLY WHORES DATE BLACK MEN. (Eddie Cuffin: misogynistic, transphobic, and now racist too!)


Put her on birth control at 13! Because we all know girls don’t have sex UNLESS they are on birth control. No birth control, no sex, and there’s like no teen moms in 2013…the Voice of Generation-Y, people!

In case these listicles full of amazing advice weren’t enough for ya, Eddie’s got a Twitter account too! 140 characters of pure wisdom!





Eddie Cuffin of Elite Daily, folks! The Voice of Generation Y (Don’t Girls Like Me, I Am So Alone).




because it seems necessary to say this: 


Men’s Rights Activists, why do you think people are laughing at you?

It’s not because we think you shouldn’t have rights or that your problems don’t matter. I want men to be able to wear pink and drink fruity drinks and wear makeup and engage in other perhaps unfairly stereotypical “feminine” activities without getting harassed. Custody battles should be decided fairly without defaulting to the mother because she’s stereotyped, because of her gender, as a better caregiver. I hate that men are raped and don’t report it because it makes them feel emasculated. I think that the concept of masculinity that’s being pushed by our society is really messed up and extremely harmful to men.

The thing is, instead of spending five minutes researching what feminism is actually about and realizing that it actually would help ALL of the above issues, that we’d actually be on the same side here considering you give a crap about women (which is, well, in question), you’d rather start your own counter-movement (often IN OPPOSITION to feminism) about how your own problems matter more. “Why are we not talking specifically, exclusively about ME, right now?” 

Feminism IS NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN about hating men. It’s not about women taking over the world and stripping men of all their rights. If you believe that, you’re operating under a faulty understanding of the issue and should do some research. 

When you force your way into this discussion with an intense focus on men’s rights (or rights, as society would call them), you misunderstand the issue at best and belittle the systematic oppression of women around the world. When the issue you bring up is, “But I’M always expected to pay for dates!” then yes, people will laugh at you.

Eloquently put. I will laugh until I die at you, if you derail serious conversation with ignorant claims of ‘unfairness’ (like completely misunderstanding the relevance of a woman being afraid of you as you walk down the street as ‘women are unfair and stupid and think the worst in men, hurr hurr’



ashton kutcher cheated on his wife of seven years and continued to be the star of a sitcom and had virtually no repercussions towards his career whatsoever

sean penn abused his wife and went on to win an academy award and a golden globe (he also said people who called hugo chávez a dictator should be arrested but idek what he was on when he said that so)

charlie sheen hired numerous prostitutes, shot his fiancee, verbally threatened his second wife, and in the same year that his children were taken away from him announced that he was going on a nationwide tour which sold out within 18 minutes

kristen stewart cheated on her boyfriend and was ridiculed for six straight months and labelled a slut/whore/bitch/home wrecker by the general public even after releasing a statement and apologizing for her actions and was forced to drop out of multiple projects

This post does more than just speak about the dealings of Kristen Stewart, whatever she may have done. It also brings to light a really disturbing pattern.

All of the above men are white. Some of them, I didn’t even know happened (such as Sean Penn). Despite the horrific and down right disgusting behavior, all of these men (excusing Charlie Sheen, I think, because I don’t want to touch the Charlie Sheen boat with any thing) have their careers and a pretty steady fan base. 

On the other hand, you have someone like Chris Brown. What Chris Brown did to Rihanna was with out a doubt horrendous and inexcusable, but how come you don’t hear the names of Sean Penn (and Gary Oldman, and countless other white men) thrown in with his name? How come the world is in disbelief when fans continue to defend him when this SAME WORLD can willingly and often pretends these disturbing incidences didn’t occur? 

All of this, and people are still throwing Kristen Stewart under the bus. Actually, there are a lot of instances where what KStew is made fun of happens to be things people shouldn’t control but WANT to control (I’m pinpointing people who ask why she doesn’t smile. She doesn’t HAVE to do anything… but that is a battle for another post).

It’s the harasser who’s responsible for harassment in Islamic Law 


by Sheikh Musa Furber

“Oppressing women and justifying it using Shari’a is more offensive to our Prophet than a cheap film.” Al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri

Fear of sexual harassment is a fact of life for women in Egypt. Many have posited that women themselves should bear responsibility for such harassment, with even seemingly religious arguments being deployed to support such a claim. Islamic jurisprudence and ethics, however, advocate something quite different.

While newspapers have covered the issue since at least 2007, coverage has increased since the birth of New Egypt in 2011. At least one case of harassment resulted in its victim’s death, so this is not simply a matter of restoration of dignity, but also preservation of life.

Public concern has led to citizen patrols to prevent and halt harassment, and the creation of websites like HARASSmap and Twitter accounts like “Tahrir Bodyguard” (@TahrirBodyguard) for reporting, and stopping, such incidents. One popular explanation for the harassment is that women themselves are to blame for their own harassment, since, it is claimed, they flouted religious and cultural norms by adopting immodest dress and otherwise provocative behaviour.

Many religious-minded people have embraced this explanation, issuing statements and pamphlets reminding women to dress modestly, and to avoid provocative behaviour, lest they be harassed in response. This might seem to be somewhat understandable, considering that Islamic jurisprudence and ethics include guidelines for dress and personal conduct, whether in public or private. With regard to dress, such guidelines aim to uphold the dignity of individual men, and women, and avoid a collective societal environment of depravity.

According to these guidelines, where safety is not an issue, and normal circumstances apply, adult Muslim women generally cover their entire bodies, excluding their faces, hands and feet. As such, so the reasoning goes, seeing as such guidelines aim to uphold the dignity of women, women are to be blamed for infringements upon their dignity if they abandon such guidelines.

Such an explanation, however, deeply misses the point, ignores history, and encourages extreme violations of Islam’s jurisprudence.

From the point of view of even modern history, Egypt’s widespread sexual-harassment problem is recent. In the 1960s, urban women in Cairo wore miniskirts and short sleeves without fearing sexual harassment. Recent studies and reports indicate that the majority of sexual harassment is aimed at young women wearing headscarves, long sleeves, and long skirts or pants, simply walking through public spaces. Even for women covered from head to toe in black gowns (abayas) and face-veils (niqabs) are subject to sexual harassment.

Additionally, even women walking in groups in public spaces during the day are subject to harassment. It cannot be said that these women are inviting or provoking harassment, nor negligent in taking precautions to increase their safety.  If the popular explanation is true, one would have expected the mini-skirted women in the 1960s to get harassed and the black-gowned and face-veil-wearing daughters of the New Egypt to go untouched.

Even if history confirmed that harassment is limited to women ignoring norms of dress and behaviour or who exposed themselves to danger through their own negligence, none of that would make harassment remotely justifiable. While individual Muslims are responsible for adhering to appropriate norms, neglect of their duties does not empower others to ignore their own responsibilities.

In terms of how women ought to be treated in public areas, those responsibilities are immensely clear: their dignity should be protected from being infringed upon by anyone, and their person should be off limits for anyone to even touch, let alone harass. Men in particular have a specific duty: that regardless of how women are dressed or behave, men are obliged to lower their gaze and keep their hands to themselves.

Islamic jurisprudence is utterly clear on this point. A woman’s dignity entails that a stranger on the street is forbidden completely from even touching her, let alone groping her. Indeed, a man who is even leering at a woman, without touching her, is guilty of a sin, regardless of how she may or may not be dressed. There is a way through which such things can become permissible: it’s called marriage. Otherwise, men need to keep their hands, their looks, and their cat-calls, to themselves.

Provocation is not an excuse for shirking one’s responsibilities and denigrating another human being’s dignity. Even if a woman were to go naked in public, demand men on the street grope her body, and threaten them with death should they fail to comply, it would be prohibited for any male to do so.

Furthermore, a general trend in Islamic law and ethics is that the irresponsible behaviour of others increases our responsibilities. What, then, of those who claim that a woman’s attire, gestures or attitude, somehow ‘invites’ or ‘encourages’ harassment?

In all likelihood, sexual harassers will continue to harass. Their empathy, concern for dignity, and their own humanity, are obviously in jeopardy, and it is down to Egypt’s religious leaders, educators and political figures to try to restore that awareness. In the meantime, such harassers and those who excuse them should know that not only are they failing to promote any ‘Islamic duty’ – on the contrary, they are guilty of committing a crime and of spreading public immorality and corruption under Islam.



Sheikh Musa Furber is a research fellow at the Tabah Foundation and a qualified issuer of legal edicts (fatwas). He received his license to deliver legal edicts from senior scholars at theEgyptian House of Edicts including the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Muslim women and political authority 


Recently, I read this question and answer blog where a Muslim woman was asked whether she was allowed to attend university. Surprisingly, the ruling stated that she was allowed, so long as she dressed in “modest, smart” clothing that does not “attract attention.” 

I have a problem with this, and let me tell you why. The Muslim world — as of right now — is so patriarchal dominated that men are providing rulings to women about their women-hood and women rights (examples of this can be found in Saudi, Afghanistan, and even in the United States). Although this is nothing new, especially considering the post Muhammad era where religious rulings were placed to further limit women and raise the status of men, the problem is that majority of women — as of today — are accepting this patriarchy, as though there is a place for patriarchy in this deen. 

Fortunately, Quran advocates otherwise. In the Quran, women are allowed to hold political position(s) in their society. In fact, Quran recommends that women participate in society. 

In Surah Naml, Allah is not concerned with Queen of Sheba being in political authority, but that her submission is not with Allah (v 23 — 25). Here, the Quran suggests that as long as a woman is consciously intact with her standing with Allah, there is no problem with her holding political power in society.

Even in Chapter 66 verse 5, a common misinterpreted verse, Quran reads that an ideal Muslima (female Muslim) is one who submits to God; is acknowledging, devoted, repentant, worshipful and active in her society, and responsive and foremost (meaning progressive).

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I was debating with myself about whether or not I should post this, but you know what? It’s important information that needs to be shared.

So, in case you’re out of the loop of internet DRAMA, quite a bit of it has sprung up over a reddit board called “creepshots.”  It consists of pictures of women in public taken without their consent.  A tumblr was recently made de   voting to identifying the men who contribute to this blog called Predditors, providing information about the men who post to this board.  Those who were identified immediately began crying about their privacy being invaded (not so fun when it’s you, is it?)

Thing is, Predditors got taken down, but now it’s back up with password protection.  Luckily, the identifying material has been preserved and uploaded to google docs, so it can still be shared.  Click the link above.

Again, everything that is on Predditors is PUBLIC INFORMATION that was READILY AVAILABLE on sites like OkayCupid and Facebook.

Jezebel (which can be problematic but occasionally is brilliant) has a wonderful article about the situation, and Gawker has an article about the monster behind creepshots and how Reddit actively protected him, links to both of which have been banned on Reddit.

Here’s the deal:

If innocent women can’t expect to have privacy, respect, and basic human dignity every time we leave our house, then the men who victimize them can’t expect to have anonymity on the internet.

Do not fuck with women, we will fight back.

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