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No one is perfect, and you have to forgive yourself for things, and do things the best you can. At the end of the day and of the world, everything is between you and God. And he knows and understands all. You’re doing just fine Rima, trust me :)

Sometimes I just feel like I have myself on track for a few days and then it falls apart, like this system that I’ve set up fails because I can’t keep myself to do it. It makes me anxious. It’s hard to.. to feel like you’re doing right when you have years of being a failure to make up for.

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batyaztotherescue answered your question: Also, on another really personal level: Has anyone felt like they were on their period even when they weren’t?

I feel like I’m on my period before and after I’m on my period. It sucks!

It can piss off!

Also you’re like my spirit animal I swear to God <3