Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones (because my brain has this terrible urge to make connections between everything I like, have the Harry Potter characters sorted into the houses of Westeros xD I wanted to make this a gifset but have no idea how to make gifs, so have some doodles instead. yes I really have no life.)

Harry Potter as House Stark | the boy who was promised, a thing for honour and “saving people”, and a house of orphans destined for great things.
♣ Hermione Granger as House Martell | headstrong, intelligent and outspoken - there’s a reason Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor.
♣ The Weasleys as House Tully | a loyal family of redheads, seemingly rustic but can surprise you with their badassery.
♣ Neville Longbottom as House Tyrell | because Tyrell’s words are so appropriate! a power that grows throughout the story, and the sigil fits Neville’s love of herbology.
♣ Luna Lovegood as House Arryn | an association with air and high places that fits Ravenclaw Tower; seen as detached and a bit kooky by others.
♣ The Malfoys as House Lannister | arrogant blondes loaded with old money that they use for political power… they are a close-knit family, in their own way (and Narcissa’s actions at the end are very much “a Lannister always pays her debts”)
Severus Snape as House Greyjoy | harsh and unforgiving; the house of Turncloaks and self-proclaimed Princes who make terrible life choices.
♣ Dolores Umbridge as House Bolton | creepy and manipulative; fond of pink and controlling their enemies by cutting them open.
 Fenrir Greyback as House Clegane |  the Mad Dog, or the Mountain That Bites… employed as a vicious bruiser by the other Houses.
♣ Voldemort as House Targaryen | ’madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin’; ambitious, ruthless and scarily powerful.

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