sometimes I struggle so hard with my religion. And it’s not even with huge things. But when I do things that are wrong and it just perpetuates more wrongness and I feel lost in a hole because I feel hypocritical.

And I feel like I can’t really talk about it, even on here, because religion is a personal experience for me and it also feels like not a very popular thing to be talking about. Which is a dumb reason not to talk about religion but I’m just having some weird thoughts is all.

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    1. thatcoldmask said: Talk about it as much as you want, it’s your blog, and it could help.
    2. thegirlwiththedragonitetattoo said: No one is perfect, and you have to forgive yourself for things, and do things the best you can. At the end of the day and of the world, everything is between you and God. And he knows and understands all. You’re doing just fine Rima, trust me :)
    3. claire-marie said: Do what feels right for you. I know that by tradition I am Roman Catholic but have benefited from incorporating many other philosophies to build my faith in my own personal way. Do whatever leads you to your own happiness with God.
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