Miscellaneous Facts About Me (for Katie-monster) 

  • I am 5’2
  • My expected shelf life expired 13 years ago, but I am the little milk carton that could
  • I have a box of make up remover clothes that I call the “t-mobile box” because that’s what it looks like
  • I have so many books that my bookshelf is full. I have three full storage boxes in my garage
  • I work (for now) in a grocery store as a cashier. I am planning to quit by the end of the summer but I haven’t told anyone yet, so shh
  • I am a Muslim. 
  • I am a feminist
  • My birthday is August 15. I was born in 1991.
  • When I was 3, I took my 1 year old brother by hand and walked across a major intersection for the lulz while my family was busy freaking the fuck out, looking for me and my brother
  • My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter. In second place are a bunch of Tamora Pierce books. 
  • I once connected “Bros-Before-Hoes” to “The Knights Tale” of the Cantebury Tales.
  • My favorite playwright/all around handsome mother fucker is Oscar Wilde.
  • I am terrified of being in authority, but not always. For example, I am was elected to be the president of the English Club and I have been fighting with myself to let the position go because I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up.
  • I have only dated one person in my entire life. I was 14. It sucked balls. We didn’t even kiss.
  • Sometimes I feel inadequate as an English Major because I feel like my writing is merely acceptable and not thought provoking but I love literature and thinking too much to leave this word behind.
  • That being said I am a minoring in Biology and also working towards my Secondary Teaching Certificate
  • I am a fairly nervous person. I tend to babble when I’m nervous and have a bad habit of speaking whats on my mind right away instead of waiting. In class, I feel really weird because I have a hard time striking the balance between talking too much and not talking enough. I just have so many ideas I want to get across.
  • I just don’t want to be that girl that looks like a pretentious asshole (which a lot of English Majors are).
  • I hate the word ‘serendipitous’. 
  • I did not cry while reading TFioS, but I did have feelings for the characters. I really enjoyed the book but I think I need a second read to let my attachments emerge.
  • I have a suitcase full of pajamas but I wear the same 4 pajamas over and over again, instead of using the others.
  • I am a first generation Lebanese-American.
  • I have strong feels against people who discriminate against immigrants.
  • I enjoy writing haikus.
  • My family is very, very important to me. I have a very closer relationship with  all of my family members (except on my Dad’s side of the family, because my parents are divorced).

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    1. nonsequiturtle said: Many of our school feels are similar. Like, do I share my long and complicated opinion on this or hide in the back of the room and never speak? And being in authority is scary. And basically similarities are cool. :D
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